Design-thinking in action

I am a blend of being a strategic and visual thinker as is represented by my degrees in Organizational Change (Northwestern) as well as Industrial Design (RISD). I like to nerd out on logistics, problem solve within constraints, and test out ideas by making things and conducting experiments rather than talking or over analyzing. I aim to work within a team, learn from others, and grow my skills as an organizational designer. 

I am passionate about solving complex challenges. This has led to many adventures such as growing a national network of college students using design for local and social good, reducing packaging waste in Nepal, teaching inner-city teens about healthy home makeovers, to teaching at the college level by age 23 about combining business principles with design to enhance local nonprofits.  I prefer work with no given path and rely on building alliances with others and talking to end-users to help find the way to meaningful solutions. I am currently a full-time Experience Design consultant for Kaiser Permanente. 

My past work and students have been discussed in publications and blogs such as Fast Company, Chicago Tribune, Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, Core77 and more. I have given talks at conferences such as TEDx, IDSA, IxDA, Better Word by Design, and given workshops at college campuses across the country.

For my full bio, check out my LinkedIn here.